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A Diverse List Of Sports Supplements For Performance In Sports

By visiting our site, you will be able to notice a wide variety of sports supplements that are necessary for every gym-goer to improve endurance, increase strength, better muscle growth or mass gain, as well as tangible recovery after training. By browsing through the categories you will find a position for a specific purpose, whether it is mass gain, or on the contrary drying.

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Protein Shop

Protein shake is the main structural element for our muscles, which we can get from food, such as meat, fish, eggs, fermented milk products or dairy products. However, at times there is not enough time to eat, or even the desire, so in this case comes to the aid of a protein shake, which is easier to consume the daily norm of protein. Without it is very difficult to do without it during weight loss or quality muscle growth, moreover, if here we are talking about both a bodybuilder and an office worker.

As of today, the market provides an enormous amount of protein blends, and this can be in powder form to mix up a tasty shake, or ready-made protein bars and cookies that can be quickly eaten as a ready and healthy snack.

As for raw materials, we have present:

  • Whey protein – it is quite common and is ordered most often due to its excellent amino acid profile, affordable price and easy absorption by the body. It is perfect for athletes as a base to supplement the required amount of protein throughout the day.
  • Casein – most often chosen as a fairly filling evening snack, is made from cheese products and is long digested, averaging 8 hours. Ideal to stop overnight catabolism and breakdown of our muscles.
  • Soy protein – mostly ordered by vegetarians who do not consume animal protein. This protein is made from soybeans and is characterized by the fact that it has not quite a full list of amino acids that our body needs.
  • Complex protein is made by mixing several previous proteins, in particular, it may contain whey protein, casein, as well as egg protein. Most often such protein is bought by people with irregular eating schedules as a significant snack, as it is up to 5 hours.

Gainer Power Pro

Weight gain sports food is a sports product that is most often chosen to increase overall mass, as it contains a basic amount of carbohydrates and a relative amount of protein, which gives the body an extra boost for weight gain.

Sportfoods for weight gain can be categorized by protein content:

  • A low-protein product is one in which a greater emphasis is placed on the energy component to increase the calorie count; a 100g serving usually contains up to 14g of protein.
  • With an average protein content – a supplement that is similar in protein, fat and carbohydrate ratio to an average meal and is a reasonably balanced choice for building overall mass. In a supplement, the protein content can range from 15g to 25g per 110g serving.
  • High protein – a position that is appropriate for people with a very unbalanced diet, or for those who are interested in a better muscle gain, because the protein per serving is more than 23 g, in addition, the amount of carbohydrates is moderate.


Another popular component as creatine refers to sports nutrition to increase strength in training. It is quite often taken in combination with protein or a gainer for a powerful effect to increase mass and muscle growth.

A variety of brands offer many forms of creatine supplements, however we recommend looking at the following:

  • Creatine Monohydrate – the foundation for your progress, the most proven researched form of creatine to boost energy and increase strength. It additionally retains water in the muscles and helps reduce joint and ligament injury.
  • Tri Creatine Malate or TCM is the choice for hard-training athletes and uses a blend with malic acid to help creatine be more easily absorbed, increase endurance, and retain less water in the muscles.
  • Creatine hydrochloride – for those who do not need excess water in any case. Due to the peculiarities of its composition, it increases strength, but does not accumulate water in the body at all.
  • Complex creatine – is a mix of different forms, in particular, can include the previous ones, less water retention, can have a positive effect on endurance and strength performance, allows the body to feel the creatine supplement in a new way.
  • Creatine powder is the most cost-effective option for supplementation because it contains the maximum concentration of the active ingredient per serving and a significant number of servings.

Amino Acid Complexes

Amino acids are the elements from which protein and our muscles are synthesized, accordingly additional intake of such elements can improve recovery, endurance, as well as alleviate the manifestations of muscle pain and many other properties.

  • EAA, is all the components our body needs to recover and for muscle growth, ideal when building quality muscle mass.
  • Complex amino acids – a mix of all possible amino acids needed by our body for various functions, including recovery. The most optimal way to take them is to adjust the diet in case of unbalanced nutrition.
  • Glutamine is a substituted amino acid that is synthesized to some extent in our body on its own and helps to alleviate the manifestations of crepitus, pressure and strengthen the immune system.
  • Arginine is an amino acid, the intake of which dilates blood vessels, improves muscle pump and helps to reduce blood pressure.
  • Taurine is an amino acid that makes sense to take for additional mild stimulation before exercise and to protect the CNS from overload.

Top fat burners

Weight loss supplements refer to supplements that aim to stimulate the body, including facilitating the use of fat as energy. They can be moderate or powerful, so people with nervous system or heart disease need to be careful during the selection process:

  • L-carnitine is a supplement that is similar in structure to B vitamins and improves the flow of fat cells into the mitochondria, where they are burned for energy during exercise.
  • CLA is a fatty acid that facilitates the use of fats as an energy component, and promotes better growth of quality muscle mass.
  • Multi-component thermogenics – supplements that have multiple ingredients to increase energy, body temperature and boost metabolism.
  • Fat burners in shots represent a subcategory of items, specifically in the form of l-carnitine or multi-ingredient combinations as a portioned drink for easy consumption.

Top 10 trending sports supplements products on the Ukrainian market

Weight loss supplements refer to supplements that aim to stimulate the body, including facilitating the use of fat as energy. They can be moderate or powerful, so people with nervous system or heart disease need to be careful during the selection process:

In this list you can find protein, weight gain, creatine supplement and numerous other working options.

  1. Kevin Levrone Gold Iso;
  2. Kevin Levrone Gold Oat Meal;
  3. Real Pharm Real Mass;
  4. 100% Creatine Monohydrate Biotech USA;
  5. Kevin Levrone Series Gold Creatine;
  6. Kevin Levrone Gold Line Gold BCAA;
  7. Universal Animal Flex;
  8. Universal Nutrition Animal Pak;
  9. Puritan’s Pride Triple Strength Omega 3.

Mega-mass online store

We company was founded in Chernivtsi in 2009 with the sale of sports nutrition sports supplements, but from that time until now we have been constantly developing and improving, always taking into account the needs and demand of our customers.


To conclude our article nutritional products in Ukraine, we can say that this sector is showing constant growth and progress. Nutrition for athletes is becoming increasingly popular with people working towards a healthy lifestyle, developing their body and achieving athletic goals.

In general, nutrition for athletes plays an essential role in maintaining health, improving training processes and achieving athletic performance. When choosing sports nutrition in Ukraine, you should consider reliable brands and consult with professionals. We wish you a successful and satisfactory path to health and sports success and joyful.